# Dlord 1.0

Digital Landlord has been created in search of a cryptocurrency that is backed by collateral with optimal parameters, by collateral which is:

  • Digital, but not crypto
  • Produces an income
  • Available in significant supply
  • Easily transferable
  • Has no expiry date
  • Not linked to any specific country

Following a detailed market analysis, we have identified a unique digital asset that satisfies all of the criteria above - digital domains.

We have built a proprietary business model generating revenue from internet domains across the globe. As a result, we have created DLORD as a deflationary crypto-token backed by a portfolio generating inflation-linked cash flow.

The potential domain market size is massive and constantly growing. As of now, there are over 360 million domains registered globally and their number is growing by 5-6% every year.

DLORD will have 3 major income sources:

  • Sales of tokens
  • Lease of domains
  • Sales of domains that significantly increased in value.

To value domains we will use our proprietary valuation model that is using AI and machine learning for calibrating the price of a domain against other domains, using multiple factors such as:

  • Name of the domain - length and valuable keywords
  • Top Level Domains (TLDs)
  • Available third party rankings
  • “Geographic location” - major market of users
  • Monthly visitors
  • Inbound links from other websites
  • Age of the domain
  • And other factors

Leased domains will be valued on the basis of existing lease cash flow.

Last Updated: 6/9/2022, 12:24:53 PM