# Road Map

# Stage 1

  • Starting marketing and PR campaigns, creating communities.
  • Listing on informational portals, including CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap.
  • Listing on CoinsBit crypto exchange globally ranked No. 36 and launching market making.

# Stage 2

  • Creating a network of domains, each boosting traffic to the main site by promoting tokens - this is based on our unique marketing strategy.
  • Listing on leading crypto exchanges, tapping into several major markets.
  • Creating and maintaining liquidity on the exchanges using in-house AI algorithms;

# Stage 3

  • Continuous buyback and burning of tokens.
  • Launching domain valuation site and consultancy
  • Launching advisory service to facilitate “buy and lease back” transactions for very valuable domains between large companies and major financial investors

# Stage 4

  • Creating a program allowing token holders to benefit from our domain portfolio and participate in the domain selection.
  • Converting our token to a coin and creating tokens on its network for future projects.
Last Updated: 6/9/2022, 12:24:53 PM