# The Problem

The aftermath of COVID left the majority of small and medium-size companies strapped for cash. We target such companies (and the whole sector like media) for internet domain sale and leaseback transactions.

Making a deal with DLORD is currently the only way for companies to cash out their internet domains, being intangible but often very valuable assets that are not yet properly reflected on the balance sheets.

Traditional financial institutions do not offer any loans backed by domains, although there are some companies offering domains for lease, charging an annual fee of around 40% of the domain value.

We have identified the following issues that create opportunities for our Digital Landlord token:

# For domain owners:

  • General lack of liquidity
  • Inability to raise liquidity by taking a loan against own domains
  • Inability to optimise the balance sheet by selling and leasing back domains as non-core assets.

# For traditional crypto investors:

  • Lack of new cryptocurrency projects backed by a growing portfolio of valuable non-crypto assets
  • Lack of cryptocurrencies with a proper legal structure, corporate governance, reputable team and third-party audits High correlation between the performance of most existing cryptocurrencies backed by other cryptos.

# For traditional non-crypto investors:

  • Low return on classical real estate leasing schemes
  • Lack of attractive asset-backed inflation-linked fixed income instruments
  • No access to domains as an asset class
  • Lack of risk appetite for investing in regular crypto instruments
  • Lack of crypto projects structured comfortably for traditional financial investors.
Last Updated: 6/9/2022, 12:24:53 PM